Feel the Chi.....

Become a Certified TCA and Fall Prevention Instructor

All participants who attend a workshop will receive either an Instructor/Leader or Attendance certificate.  As an option, Your name can be listed as a Certified Instructor on Dr. Lam's global website www.tchi.org once the additional fee is paid.

 Guidelines for the Tai Chi workshop program:

1. The purchase of the following: Teaching for Arthritis DVD
Teaching for Arthritis Handbook and the Teaching Tai Chi Effectively book.


2. Knowledge of how to do the Warm up and Cool down exercises, the Basic Six and Advanced movements. Even if you are learning for your health and wellness and not interested in becoming a certified instructor, Dr. Lam strongly recommends you prepare the same way. This will enable you to gain more skill and knowledge from the workshop. 

3. Read the book and focus on chapters 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 11 and see the DVD for a beter understanding of what Tai Chi is and how it works for Arthritis. 

4. Proof of a CPR certification or a date of when you will attend.

 Dr. Lam strongly recommends you purchase a copy of his book "Teaching Tai Chi  Effectively" to facilitate you becoming a safe and  effectively teacher. This book would be a useful reference book for any Tai Chi teacher.  

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